April Intro - Grand Budapest Collection

April Intro - Grand Budapest Collection

April Intro - Grand Budapest Collection

April Intro - Grand Budapest Collection

April sees spring in full swing, with the cultural offer of the city in bloom along with the cherry trees, as Budapest Spring Festival sets off the high season for art. A wide-ranging choice from classical to contemporary, urban to upper-crust is available at the city’s best venues.

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You can explore the immaculate acoustics at Müpa Budapest and Liszt Academy, or stray off the track to visit villas or tucked away art stages. The Hungarian Press Photo exhibit at Capa Center offers a rare opportunity to observe life in Hungary, as perhaps the most comprehensive visual representation of the past year. A week before Easter you can delve into traditional crafts, customs and music atPONT festival with the fiery rhythms and compelling heritage of the Balkans. The season calls for rejuvenation – fresh produce is available at the historic market halls of Budapest. You can combine exercise and exploring the city at special yoga events, or simply by taking walks around town, see our suggestions in the Wellness section.

In April you can even combine exercise with embracing a good cause: the Bike Budapest event on the 28th of the month is maybe the most relaxed event to mingle with the locals. Read our tips for cycling in the city and a short history of the two-wheeled movement in the Feature

“The best-kept secret of the wine world”, Hungarian wine may provide a heady finish to your spring escapades, we briefly introduce historic types, but you are alway s welcome to ask your sommelier.

Straddle the winds and enjoy the spring buzz in Budapest!

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Top tables in Buda Castle district

Despite by the Danube River, Budapest is a city with two dramatically personalities. While many visitors to the Hungarian capital spend most of their time exploring lively Pest, Buda isn't without its own happening hotspots. In fact, cross the Chain Bridge and you'll find some of the city's best restaurants, amid the elegant streets surrounding Buda Castle.